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JJsploit is the best exploit that available for Roblox where you can run your favorite scrips. It comes with a nice GUI and has the auto-update option therefore you don't need to worry about updating your exploit. Using scripts is super easy if you know the correct DLL injector to use. You will able to discover the best of the game with the help of JJsploit. You can run JJsploit only on windows operating systems but both on 32 and 64 bit operating systems. And we recommend you to use Windows 10 for the best results.

JJsploit isĀ totally free software that you can use without any licenses. The developer of JJsploit is WeAreDevs, therefore you don't have to keep a doubt about the quality and performances of the application. And you always need to remember that there is a risk involved with exploit tools where Roblox might send you a warning or even a permanent ban. But thereĀ are thousands of JJsploit users who do well.

We suggest you to turn off your antivirus and then install the application since sometimes your antivirus software may flag it as a virus or it will block the .exe file dute the nature of exploits. We have provided detailed instructions below about how to get going with JJsploit, make sure you check that out too.

JJsploit Highlights

Base Game - Roblox
Version - V 5.3.4
Size - 42MB
Level of execution - Nearly full-featured Lua
OS - Windows 7+ ......
License - Free
Bit range - Both 32bit and 64bit
Downloads - 7882
Creator - WeAreDevs

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How to get going?

Here is the safet and best way to get going with your JJsploit.

1. Install the JJsploit correctly on your computer.
2. Open JJsploit application.
3. Join a game
4. Click the attach button on JJsploit which is a green button.
5. Now JJsploit is ready for execution.


Is JJsploit safe?

It is 100% safe and secure to use as a script executor for Roblox. This can be considered as one of the safest executors on the internet. And also this was developed by a well-reputed developer, WeAreDevs.

Why does my antivirus flag it as Virus?

Well, not all antivirus may flag it as a virus, but some will flag it as a virus due to the nature of exploits. Generally, Antivirus companies won't make these types of software safe unless the developer pays a big amount of money to them.

What is a script?

A script is a text code that dispatches certain activities in the game. And also scripts alone can't work! For the execution part, you need a code executor for that relevant game.

What is the latest version of JJSploit?

When you are using a code executor, the version matters a lot! Because some newly added codes won't work with the old version. Therefore we highly suggest you keep your JJsploit up to date for the current version which is 5.

Does JJSploit work on Windows 7?

Yes, It does work well on windows 7. The developer says that their softwares are currently working well on Windows 7 even on 32bit computers.

What level executor is JJSploit?

Since it is powered by the WeAreDevs Exploit API, JJSploit offers a near full Lua executor.

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